Monday, October 25, 2010

Carl Boyd Neck Template for 'Cut & Sew" Necks.

Here is the Carl Boyd neckline template for 'cut & sew' necklines. You can make a round 'crew neck' with this or a 'vee neckline'. These are very reasonably priced & do a fantastic job. The template is at the bottom of the page & only takes a few days to be delivered. You can do any size neck, from a small to a large size that is bigger than I have ever needed. I do a 'cut & sew ' on fairisle & G-Carriage sweaters. That way the patterns match much better than if you try to shape the neck. With a little practice you will soon be a 'pro'.

"Carl Boyd Neck Templates If you are someone who likes to "cut and sew" your necks, we have secured a stock of Carl Boyd's famous neck template to take the worry out of marking your work. This template is so easy to use, just lay the template on your knitting and mark around the smooth, sturdy edge with dressmakers chalk and you have a perfect pattern to cut out. The template has instructions for different widths and depths of round necklines and instructions are also included for "vee" necks. Made from sturdy plastic this template will last you a lifetime and is an absolute must for all your cut and sew necklines."

Friday, October 22, 2010

Machine Knit Baby Clothes

I have some beautiful baby clothes to show off today. My friend sells them on her website She also makes lovely christening gowns. She recieved a large order for 6 outfits. The order turned out to be for the womans baby dolls. They are so realistic looking that I'm not sure I would have realized it if she hadn't told me. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in seeing one of them.

I have been working on the sweater for my daughter. I want to do a cut & sew neck . It is knit on the GC in bright yellow. When I get the neck cut out I will take some pictures for you on how to do a cut & sew neck. I have several neck templates for different sizes & am going to show them to you. I also have a Carl Boyd cut & sew neck template that is still available online. I will be putting up a link to his site on my next post.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wool Diaper Cover Skirtie for Baby Girls

This is a wool diaper cover skirtie that is used over cloth diapers. Mom's that use cloth diapers use the wool to create a barrier so that baby & bedding etc. don't get wet. The wool will absorb the wetness & keep baby warm & dry. This is what mom's used before plastic was invented. The diaper covers come in an assortment of colors & styles. Skirties are for baby girls of course. Covers must be 100% wool but that is the only requirement. Any color or color combination will make a beautiful diaper cover. I love to mix & match colors for my covers. I get a great deal of pleasure from making them & also love when mom's send me a pix of baby wearing my cover.
We have had some sun for the last few days. It is hard to stay inside & knit when the weather is sooo nice. I do like to work outside in the yard. Before my breast cancer I always had a big vegetable garden every year. Hope I can get back into that some day. But for now, I am grateful to be able to sit outside & enjoy the sunshine.
Time for my little dog to go in for her boosters. She does not like going to the vet. She is more than happy to jump in the car to go for a ride, but when we get to the vet she will refuse to leave the car. Poor baby. I feel like doing the same thing everytime I have to go too.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Garter Stitch Baby Blankets

A fun thing to make on the Knitting Machine is a baby blanket. I have lots of patterns for baby blankets, both for the garter carriage & in tuck or fairisle patterns, lined & unlined. They are the perfect baby gift. And something that you made yourself is always fun to give. While my DIL was expecting JR she made blankets for him from a super wash wool that is King Cole DK. The blankets are non-itchy & light weight but warm. I buy the King Cole yarn from the US supplier in Seattle WA. For a while I carried it in my store, but I am sooo busy with my diaper covers, KnitKnacks for Baby, I just didn't have the time to continue with it.

I have 2 KG 93 Garter Carriages, & on one of them, the turn around cam is going out. I checked with Knit & Sew World to repair & rebuild it & he says around $350. It has a lot of wear on it & I wouldn't want to just fix the turn around cam & not rebuild the whole machine as parts are getting hard to find. In the future parts might not be available to fix it at all. I have heard some negative things about this web site , but my experience with it has been positive. I did buy another GC from him for my punchcard machine & am very happy with it. I have mentioned several other knitting shops that are equally as good such as Needle-Tek & KnitKNack Shop.

All the workers are gone & the house looks great. I bit spendy but well worth it. Now, hope I won't have to do that again for a while!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our New Baby!!

Our new baby is growing up already. He laughs & smiles & seems to know who are his mommy & daddy are. He is completely 100% breast feed & is gaining weight just like he should. He is not happy when it's time for a visit to the doctor, but immunizations are sooo important. He is 4 months & can roll over & is trying to get his knees under himself so maybe he will start crawling before long. He is in a warmer part of the country but g'ma can't resist sending a couple of light weight sweaters for chilly nights.

My daughter did not like the color of the raspberry swatch that I made. She picked out a different yarn, a bright yellow Piropo, that I am making into a long sleeved, scooped neck. pullover. It is knitting on the Garter Carriage & is pattern # 471. As I said before, Piropo is the ideal weight yarn for this area. Millor has d'cd all it's yarn but a very similar yarn is available from the "KnitKnack Shop." The Sport is the equivalent of the Piropo. Trenzi is the equivalent of the Trenzado. Both yarns have nylon in them & wash & wear forever. I also like the way that the nylon catches the light & almost twinkles. The KnitKnack Shop has other yarns by Tamm, & are the importer for Tamm yarns in the USA.

Just a note. Everyone meeds a Garter Bar. The standard gauge garter bars are fairly easy to come by, but for many years it has been impossible to get garter bars for the mid gauge or bulky machines without paying ridiculous sums for them. KrisKrafters has new garter bars available for every machine out there. These are new manufactor. You can buy the needle stoppers too. Please take a look. We all need to support our vendors as much as possble. Diana Sullivan has a wonderful Garter Bar Course on her site that is awesome.