Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hand Knitting Pattern for Baby.

Here is a little hand knitting pattern that I have. Altho I don't do lots of hand knitting I still like to buy the books as they have lots of cute baby clothes in them. I am going to convert this to the machine. It is made in a thicker hand knitting yarn but I am going to make it in Millor Andino. I want to make it 12 month size. I am going to use yarn in my stash. I'm not sure what colors yet as I am going to go thru it to see what colors I have left, & find some that will go together. This romper buttons in the back & I think I will go with the buttons rather than snaps because I think snaps are uncomfortable to lay on. I am going to machine embroider something on the top rather than the hand embroidery. The pattern is in Katia Baby. Looking at the finished garments I would guess that they are machine knit even tho the pattern is written for hand knitting. There are schematics of all the patterns in the book so it is pretty easy to convert them.

I have pulled a muscle in my back, ('ouch') so am not going to finish the GC sweater until my back is feeling better. Bending over the GC to decrease hurts!! I noticed where I dropped a stitch on one of the sleeves. It could have been easily fixed if I had seen it in time, but now I am going to have to weave the stitch in.

I am still having trouble with Blogger. Now all my followers are gone as well as the 'navigation bar' on the blog. I am still using IE to post. I hope they remedy the situation soon. 


Tathy e Bya said...

Muito lindo!!!
as cores ficaram muito fofas!!!
beijocas, Tathy

Sheryl Evans said...

Thank You Tathy 'Hugs'

Bella said...

Hope your back gets well soon, Sheryl. Pulled muscles are painful.

I love the baby romper, and the finishing details on it are just so cute.

I sometimes miss handknitting, and how relaxing it was to have to slow down and just enjoy the journey of knitting the piece.

Sheryl Evans said...

I think there are alot of MK out there that love to hand knit too. It is so relaxing. & there are some things that you do with hand knitting that you can't do with MK. Sheryl

Anonymous said...

I'm new to machine knitting; how do you convert a hand knitting pattern to machine knitting?