Friday, October 23, 2015

Hope I'm Not Boring Anyone

Am I becoming boring?? I hope not, but looking over my blog I see that I have repeated a couple posts & haven't really had much to say for a while. I would like to do a few more tutorials but haven't gotten to them. But I am machine knitting again for the shelter & for fun.
Here is a size 2 sweater that I have knitted for a friend of mine. She has recently been diagnosed with a rather horrible disease that is going to impact the rest of her life. This sweater is for her g'son. She has a new little g'daughter that I will make something for later.
This little sweater is a size 2 with the short rowed grafted neckband & grafted drop shoulder sleeves. I like to knit the sleeves of a simple sweater like this from the shoulder down. To do that you need to mark the side of the sweater, I use a yarn tag, where the sleeve will be attached. Then, when ready to knit the sleeve hang the side of the sweater on the appropriate number of needles between your yarn markers & knit the first row of the sleeve very carefully to make sure every needle knits through. I hang the sleeve & then close all the latches & knit. If that doesn't work I will hand knit the first row. Once the first row is knitted the rest is easy, & when the sleeve is finished you don't need to attach it to the sweater.