Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hand Knitting Pattern for Baby.

Here is a little hand knitting pattern that I have. Altho I don't do lots of hand knitting I still like to buy the books as they have lots of cute baby clothes in them. I am going to convert this to the machine. It is made in a thicker hand knitting yarn but I am going to make it in Millor Andino. I want to make it 12 month size. I am going to use yarn in my stash. I'm not sure what colors yet as I am going to go thru it to see what colors I have left, & find some that will go together. This romper buttons in the back & I think I will go with the buttons rather than snaps because I think snaps are uncomfortable to lay on. I am going to machine embroider something on the top rather than the hand embroidery. The pattern is in Katia Baby. Looking at the finished garments I would guess that they are machine knit even tho the pattern is written for hand knitting. There are schematics of all the patterns in the book so it is pretty easy to convert them.

I have pulled a muscle in my back, ('ouch') so am not going to finish the GC sweater until my back is feeling better. Bending over the GC to decrease hurts!! I noticed where I dropped a stitch on one of the sleeves. It could have been easily fixed if I had seen it in time, but now I am going to have to weave the stitch in.

I am still having trouble with Blogger. Now all my followers are gone as well as the 'navigation bar' on the blog. I am still using IE to post. I hope they remedy the situation soon. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HO HUMMMM Another Baby Romper??? Borrrrrringggggggg???

I am still making baby rompers for this summer. It is a lot of fun making them & they don't take a lot of yarn or time. I made this romper in about 4-5 hours counting the time it took me to sew it up. It took 5 oz of yarn & 5 snaps. This is the same pattern that I used to make the green romper. It is in Machine Knitting News, Baby Collection, Vol 5, Pattern # 24, knitted in Millor Andino. These make good items for charity, too. Some mom's come into the women's shelter with their kids & nothing but the clothes on their back. Kids & baby items are very much needed.

I am going to finish the GC sweater that I started for my grandson a couple of weeks ago. It is made from Millor Piropo in green, garter carriage pattern #551, in the Brother Stitch World Book. I have had sooo many hits for 'cut & sew' I am going to repeat the C&S neck of this sweater, & include some hints & help as to how to make a neck template yourself. Also, am going to make a lacy hat to go with the lace romper for my g'daughter. & of course some socks. In between I will be filling orders for my e-store.

I am having a lot of trouble posting to my blog with AOL. Another blogger suggested that I download Google Chrome to solve the problem. It did help at first, but now I find that Chrome is not loading my complete blog, but only parts of it, & that I cannot edit the blog at all. The top information header 'navi bar' containing the link to make a new post is gone. On AOL the links to add image etc. are not working, but are there at least. I don't believe it is my PC but that the problem is with Blogger. I will try to resolve this if I can by contacting Blogger. I added this post with IE.


Blogger says this is a known issue & they are working to resolve it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Circular Sock Knitting Machine

I love to make socks!! I make them on the flat bed as well as on my circular sock knitting machine. CSM.

 I bought a CSM from Angora Valley. That is Pat Fly's web site & she sells a variety of sock yarns & machines. It took a while for me to get the hang of it, but I stuck to it , & finally I was able to make a decent sock.

 My wool is Cascades Simply Socks. 75% wool & 25% nylon.I make lighter weight socks out of it.  I also like to use Patons Kroy, for the winter time. It does get chilly here in the winter & woolie socks make all the difference.  

I only have a couple of orders left. When I finish them I am going to make some more rompers for summer.

It doesn't take a lot of yarn to make one of these. If you have partial cones of yarn leftover from other projects, baby rompers as well as scrappies are a good way to use them up. Depending on the size & style it only takes about 5 oz of fingering weight yarn to make one. They don't have to be all one color either. Stripes or contrasting trim work well.  Babies love bright colors & the brighter the better. If you don't have a baby in the family, send them off to the womens shelter. Or take them to the police station. They will deliver them to the shelter.

I am sticking to my New Years resolution to not buy any more yarn until I use up some of the yarn I have. I do forget that sometimes & think about buying this or that. I don't go into my friends yarn store & she missed me. She called to find out if I was ill since I hadn't been in for sooo long. LOL I am doing my best tho, so am making progress reducing my stash. I am not going to sell it, or give it away. I am going to continue to knit acrappies & other shelter items, mittens, hats etc., until it is at least reduced.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lace Romper Finished

I have finished the little lace romper. I went from the pattern mostly, but I did change a couple of things. I liked the puffy sleeves. I think that they are what makes the romper so cute. I wanted my sleeves to be more puffy tho, so I gathered them at the shoulder as well as at the cuff. Other than that I pretty much followed the pattern except for changing the gauge. I had some bright yellow snaps but decided to go with the pale yellow as I thought they looked better.  I didn't put any elastic in the cuff of the leg because I didn't think they needed it. I was worried about the armbands because they seemed very tight. I measured them & they were only 6" wide. I lightly blocked the romper but for the sleeve cuffs I really hit it hard with the steam & stretched them out. Now they are about 7.5" so think it will be okay. I did leave a note to myself on the pattern to make the sleeve looser next time.  

The pattern is from Machine Knitting News Baby Collection Vol 1. 

Back to the Grindstone.  More orders to fill.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweater & Hat For Baby Drew

Here is a sweater & hat that I made for baby Drew. It is still way to big for him but they don't stay little for long, do they?? Also, made a blanket to match. 

He is about 2 months old here. It is made from a worsted weight yarn in Red Heart Kids. I like to use the RH Kids on children's projects because it is much softer than the other RH yarns, so better for little ones. 

I am working on the yellow romper still. It is almost finished but I've orders that I have had to do first so haven't finished it yet. All that is left is for me to put on the leg bands & snaps. I hope to finish it next week for sure. 

I have a GC sweater that I am making for my grandson. I've the front, back & one sleeve finished. I've had to set it aside for a while so I can work on the lace romper, because I needed that machine for the lace.  I am going to do the leg bands for the romper on my SR 840, so that I can get my GC moving again & finish the sweater. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lace Romper Started.

Haven't had the time to get much  knitting in. I did get the back of the lace romper started, but I didn't have enough of the peach to use it. I decided that a bright yellow could work nice too. I am going to call Irene @ Knitcraft & see if she has any peach Andino left. I wrote the pattern for the back but haven't even charted the front yet, but will get to it soon, as I want to get this finished. I tried to knit it on the SR 840 but my Lace Carriage is broken & needs to go out for repairs. I had forgotten that I had broken a piece off the end of it several months ago. So I am using the Brother 965i instead. It knits lace beautifully but you have to push the carriage back & forth twice the times you do with the Silver Reed carriage. That carriage knits & transfers at the same time where the Brother machines need a different carriage to knit & a lace carriage to transfer.

If you decide to knit this romper there are several things that you need to know;

1. Her pattern starts the lace pattern on the first row. Never start lace on the first row. Always knit a couple of plain rows.

2. She slopes her shoulders with 2 bind offs of 8 stitches each. I don't bind off baby shoulders because it makes the shoulder uneven. Shortrowing works better.

3. She knits the lace pattern right up to the last row. I always knit 2 rows plain knitting after the lace.

These are just suggestions as to how I do it. I am in no way saying that she is wrong. Just that I have a better way for me.

As soon as I get the front written I will get to work on it. I have a scrappie on my mid-gauge waiting for me & a couple of UFO's that need finishing so better get busy!! 

This pattern is in Machine Knitting News, Baby Collection vol 1, pattern #16. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

New Pattern for Baby Romper

Here is a pattern for a lacy romper. I think it might work out for the new baby girl. It is similar to the last one I made but has gathered leg bands instead of elastic. I like the gathered sleeves too. I think that would look cute on her. I am going to make it from Millor Andino in a peachy color. I am debating on the front closures, either snaps or buttons. Mom's tell me the snaps are so much easier than trying to button baby up while they are squirming around.

I haven't had my lace carriage out for a while.

I have ordered a snap press. It should be here is a couple of weeks. I am just putting on so many snaps that I need something faster than pounding them on one at a time. It has several different dies that are available for different types & sizes of snaps. The store has lots of cute baby snaps that I would like to try at a later time.

When I bought my 'Knifty Knitter Looms' I received a little hook like the one pictured. It is very hard to use & makes my hands hurt. I decided to see if I could get something more sturdy & would last longer. I know the looms are just a fad but I want to use mine for longer than most people are interested in. I really enjoy loom knitting while watching TV so I went looking for another type of hook that could be adapted to work with the looms. I found this

It is a rug latch tool & much hardier than the one that came with the looms. I took pliers & pulled off the latch & straightened out the point some. It fits in my hand & hooks the yarn perfectly. I will be able to use it for a long time to come.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finished Green Romper & Plans for Another One

Finished the Green romper & am already planning for another one. I am going to use this pattern again as I like it. It is very easy knitting, generous in size & a nice fit.

When I get the chance I am going to write the pattern for the 6 months size for the new baby. I don't try to match the pattern gauge. I rewrite the pattern in my gauge. That is so much easier than making swatch after swatch. My patterns are the short version & I shudder to think of someone trying to knit from my patterns.

I am going to make another romper in the 12 month size in this yarn.I have some lt blues & some med blues that I am going to knit up into rompers too. I bought plenty of elastic for the legs.
I volunteered today & am going again on Thursday. Tomorrow I am going to an EMS class to learn CPR & first aid. That is going to be an all day class. If I have time I will get some knitting in. I have the front & back of a charity sweater hanging on my machine waiting for a neckband, so maybe I will have time to finish it.