Sunday, September 21, 2014


This is going to be a post about internet safety.
I have two Google acc'ts. I had lost the password for one of them. I tried every password that I have ever used & they were all wrong. Finally I gave up & tried to get in touch with Google. I searched for 'contact google' & my search turned up lots of results. I picked the one with the phone number on top. I called Google & talked to a very helpful young man with a foreign accent. We talked for several minutes about the problem. He told me that 'Google had suspended my acc't' & that for '$199 he could' fix it for me. This kid had somehow gotten on my computer & was showing me all the illegal emails that had been sent from my acc't. I knew that Google did not do that & quickly pulled the plug on my computer.The url had google in the addy & I thought at first that it was a legitimate site for Google, but when he started asking for money I disconnected.
 Shortly after that I Googled 'Mitten Wizard' to see if I could get another copy of it as I have a new hard drive & the program did not transfer. My search turned up a link to download the program. Somehow it just didn't look right to me so I didn't download it, Thank God. I checked some of the other links & was able to find it on Ravelry, but the program is not available. The internet is a very dangerous place & we must be on guard against all kinds of threats. I think we all feel somewhat safe browsing the internet as we are in our own homes. So many things we take at face value because of that, but you just can't anymore. The internet is a very dangerous place & becoming more so everyday.