Thursday, May 10, 2012

Doing Intarsia

This is the pattern I am going to use for my first intarsia  sweater. I downloaded this from the web. I thought it was really cute & it is smaller, 43 rows, so it will fit on a child's sweater. It only has 5 colors so that makes it easier & it is a simple pattern.

 I did some intarsia on the SK 860 just to test the carriage with my machine & it works great. It knits the stitches easily & glides across the machine bed with no problems. I can't thank the person that emailed me the info on the carriage enough.

Here are my bobbins wound with the appropriate colors to start the design . I am going to knit the bottom of the sweater first with the main carriage. I had to match the gauge of the main carriage with the intarsia carriage. 

The directions said to set the intarsia carriage to the same tensions as the main bed carriage but since this is for the bulky I decided to set it one number smaller. It matched almost exactly. I don't think you will be able to tell which carriage knitted what. 

FYI:while looking for intarsia bobbins on the web I found them by searching for 'yarn bobbins' rather than 'intarsia bobbins.' The ones I found on Amazon, my 'go to' place, were much more expensive than the ones I found on the Knitting Warehouse.

I am still a basket case after running over my poor cat. I am having a hard time eating & keeping up with life in general. I am hoping that the pain will lesson with time. I have accepted that it was an accident, but it isn't making it any easier. She was much loved & is much missed. 


Susie said...

That happened to our dog. My husband ran over her after she had already been hit and had a broken leg.
It gets better with time.
Sorry for your loss,

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's hard to lose our beloved pets. It will get better with time but meanwhile it's going to hurt and you just have to allow yourself to grieve. I wish you peace and good memories. Susan

Sheryl Evans said...

Thank you for your comments. It is getting better & I believe the comments I have received have been a great comfort for me. Knowing I am not alone mean a great deal to me. Everyone in the family is hurt by the event, but they didn't have the kind of relationship with her that I did, & can't understand why I am in so much pain. Sheryl

Sew This N That said...

Sorry to hear about your cat Sheryl, I have to check under my car before I go out...we have 2 very persistant chickens who insist on laying near the tyres.
Ooooh can't wait to see the cute penguin on a jumper....I love penguins....can I get a jumper in size Me lol.
*hugs* Heather x

Sheryl Evans said...

No matter how often you check bad things can happen. She was on the porch when I pulled up & ran to the car to greet. I didn't see her come down the steps.

Thank you for the kind words. Every little bit helps me to heal. I'm sure it will always be in the back of my mind tho.

Kelly said...

Please don't blame yourself, you weren't to know she was there. Dogs and cats are just so quick. My Dad did exactly the same thing many years ago - he accidentally ran over our little shetland sheepdog and broke his leg. He felt so bad but it was an accident. Be gentle with yourself and take care.