Friday, July 10, 2015

Do You Lose Things???

Do you lose your tools etc.?? I mean, when the phone rings & you go to answer it, when your finished talking have you already lost the tool that you had in your hand when you got up?? or when the door bell rings & you must answer, can you find where you were in your pattern?? or is it just me?? I am trying to combat this phenomenon by buying extras in everything that I use & scatter them all over the house so that when that happens I don't have to look far to find another one of whatever it was that I lost that time. I have a little note pad by my machine to write down any information that I will need when I come back & don't have a clue as to what I was doing. This means that I have at least 10 pairs of small scissors & transfer tools & double eye needles & a little bit of everything else. All I have to do it look around a little & whatever I need seems to be right where I can find it.  Of course when company comes & there is a pair of scissors sitting by the phone or a double eye needle next to my coffee cups that takes some explaining to do but it's easier than running around the house(& I have a little house too)& cussing up a storm looking for this or that. :)
 Here is a really cute sweater that one of my readers sent me & I thought that I would share it. Very cute picot hem & designed by her.
So cute!! Aren't machine knitters the Greatest??