Sunday, December 6, 2015

New Campaign for Afghans for Afghnas

We have finally gotten word that there will be a new campaign next year with the Afghans for Afghans  program. It's been quite some time since we have made any thing for that program. I like to knit for that charity as they want 100% wool products. They don't have washers or dryers or even hot water to wash clothes in so the 100% wool works best for then. It gets very cold there & acrylics will not work for them because if they get wet they freeze, where as the wool doesn't. Just give your wet wool mitten a good shake & most of the wetness will shake right out. Also, the wool holds in the bodies warmth & you won't get cold even if they do get wet. We don't use wool much here because no one wants to hand wash wool garments. I do have some very nice superwash worsted weight wool that is left over from the 'Harry Potter' sweaters that I made for my g'kids. I am going to make a couple of sweaters for 'World Knits' out of it if I have enough.
Happy Holidays