Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back To My Machine Knitting

I am back to my knitting machine. I have a couple of orders that I am working on but needed a break so decided to knit a shelter sweater just for a change. Sometimes I do get tired of knitting diaper covers but for the most part I am happy to make them. I love all the pictures I get back from mom's showing baby in my covers.
Knitting sweaters for the shelter is a great stress reliever for me. Machine knitting can be very relaxing when all goes well. Then, the time it takes me to sew it up is also a relaxing quiet time.
This sweater is a size 4 knitted in Red Heart Soft Baby. It is a hand knitting yarn but knits beautifully on the machine if run through wax as you knit.
It is baby pink & green. It has raglan sleeves & a short rowed neckline. Also, will have the grafted neckband. I knitted it on my Mid gauge at tension 4 & ribbed at tension 0.
Still no word on the toddler quilts. Hope they find them.