Saturday, February 7, 2015

The 'Pie Crust' Edging

The 'Pie Crust' Edging
The 'Pie Crust' edging is a cute simple edging to add to your knitting It can be used on blankets or other places where an edging is needed. There are lots of different edgings available to machine knitters, but this is the easiest & the most fun I think.
These are a pair of my ruffled shorties. I make them for baby girls. I use the 'Pie Crust' edge on the bottom of the ruffle to give it a little pizazz'
Here is a close up of the edging. To make this you are going to take your project off the machine. Then rehang 3 complete stitches from the edge of the project that you want to edge. Knit 6 rows. Then, rehang the next 3 stitches on top of the 3 stitches on the machine. Knit another 6 rows. Continue in that fashion all the way around the edge. When you are finished you will have an edging that looks similar to a pie crust.
So far I am doing okay with my New Year Resolutions. I have had a couple of close calls. LOL I have stuck to it though & only 11 months to go. :)