Sunday, July 10, 2016

GC Children's Sweaters

I'm still kind of ashamed of myself for the paltry box of children's sweaters that I took to the women's shelter last year. This year is going to be better but not by much. I decided to make some GC sweaters for the kids & this is the first one.                           
It's baby pink, drop shoulder with a cut & sew neck. I have the front back & sleeves finished & just need to knit the neckband. This is pattern #490 of the Stitch World Book. I am going to use small patterns so that it won't look too big for the child. This is a size 2. I didn't have much of it so the smaller size was necessary. Sometimes when I run out of yarn I will finish with a complimentary color but I wanted this one to be all the same color. Hopefully some little girl will love it.
I'm still having some problems with depression, but am trying to fight it off. I finally talked to my DR about it & he wanted to put me on meds but I declined. I wanted something more natural & he said to start exercising as that increases hormones that fight depression. I have my treadmill out now & am going for a 20 minute walk everyday while I watch TV or music on the stereo. Nothing better that taking a stroll listening to Queen rockin' on!!