Monday, January 24, 2011

This little hat is crocheted & is a lot of fun for baby to wear. It is a very simple project for someone just learning to crochet. I sold these hats on Ebay for 6 years, & am going to put them back up on my site. The book is called "Happy Hats" by Michele Wilcox & is put out by 'Needlecraft'. She has a total of seven hats of different animals & insects. Turtle, ladybug, pig, mouse, bear, bumble bee & snowman. I made so many of these hats that I think I could crochet one in my sleep!! I like to use a soft yarn as it is around baby's face & didn't want harsh yarn to be uncomfortable & scratchy.  

Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Print a Neck Template for 'Cut & Sew' from KnitWare

It's pretty easy to print a neck template from KnitWare for a cut & sew neckline on a pullover sweater Or a cardigan. Open the Knit Ware program & design your sweater. Right click the schematic for the front of the sweater that has the neck that you want to use. Choose 'copy to clipboard' from the drop down menu. Paste the schematic into an editing program like 'Paint' that has rulers & grids for sizing your schematic. I usually work at 50% view as it is easier to manipulate the schematic. Stretch out the neck until it is the correct width according to the measurements given on the pattern. Click save. Then lengthen the schematic until it is the right depth according to the pattern. Click save. For instance, if I am making a baby sweater that has a 5" width I would widen the schematic until the program shows that the neck is 5" wide. Then I would lengthen the neck until it is 2.25" deep. Click save, then print. Then, cut out the template. I used a ruler to close the top of the neckline. If you want to do 'cut & sew' on the back of the sweater follow the same directions for the back. I usually use card stock for my neck templates as they hold up better than paper ones.

I have decided to make baby legs for the Trenzado romper. It is too heavy for California weather but a little too cool for here, so I am making baby legs in case baby needs a bit more protection from the cool weather.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Summer Romper from Ricki Mundstock

This is a summer romper made for my g'son from Trenzado. It is the 12-18 month size. This is the first one I have made using this pattern for several years. I used the Trenzado because I have so much of it, but have decided to go with the Andino as it is lighter & I am thinking that the Trenzado may be too heavy for the California climate. This one can go to the women's shelter here in Washington where it is cooler during the day, & I will use the Andino for my g'son.  I have 34 cones of Andino in a variety of colors. 

I think it is just a crime that I have let sooo much yarn accumulate without using more of it up, but in my defence I am busy knitting wool covers for my store for 2-3 hours a day, sometimes more. I love to buy the yarn as much as I love to knit it. It is the high point of my day when I get a big box of yarn in the mail & can go through it & see all the beautiful colors. 

 I have another pattern for a summer romper that has short legs. I made one for my g'son, but didn't get a picture, in the 6-12 month size & my son tells me it is too big for him still. His mommy is very tiny & he was only 6lbs 4ozs when born so he has a little catching up to do. Right now at 7 months he is 16lbs. I am going to make him a couple more of them & will be sure to get a picture this time. They are just sooo cute!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Resolution

This is just a tiny bit of my stash. I am going through it, sorting & grouping like yarns together. My NY Resolution this year is to make all the projects that I bought yarn for, that somehow wound up packed away in bins & never made up. That included the 6 cones I bought for thread lace sheer curtains for my living room. Also, the yarn I bought for my kitchen curtains!! I have some I bought to make up sweaters for my g'son with his school colors, that weren't finished to his dismay. As I am sorting I am finding all kinds of forgotten projects. I am NOT going to start any new projects until I have all of these finished first. (I have my business that keeps me knitting everyday, but I am talking about the 'fun' knitting for friends & family.) I have 2 full bins of Red Heart yarns that I bought on sale at 'Smiley's Yarns' for $1 a skein for my charity knitting. I did get alot of that knitted but there is still plenty left & I have had it since 2009. I have lots & lots of beautiful sweaters, hats, mittens etc. in my bins just waiting to come to life through my efforts. Nothing can sooth me like my knitting machines when I am stressed by life in general. I can go to my knitting room & knit a child's charity sweater & hat & when I am through on the machine, nothing is better than sitting & watching TV while I make them up. When I take a box of knitted items to the women's shelter for the children there I feel as though I have helped someone in need & am a better & more fulfilled person because of it.   

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jim's Handy Dandy Knitting Companion

Here is an awesome little program that no one should be without. It helps to convert your pattern gauge to another pattern gauge so that making a pattern in what ever gauge you choose is sooo much easier than getting out the calculator & pencil. I have had this program on my computer for years & was amazed to find out it is still available for download.

Our baby is going to become a big brother in August!!