Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hats Hats & More Hats

I have been busy making hats whenever I get the chance. Everyone loves my hats. They tell me that they are the warmest hats ever. I knit them on my Kniffy Knitter Looms. I really do enjoy making them while I watch TV. I don't know why but if I just sit & watch without some project in my hands I always feel like I am wasting time. These hats are simple enough that I can keep up with the show without having to count rows or stitches.
I have been fairly busy in my store along with everything else going on. I was having trouble seeing & thought I needed glasses, so off to the Optometrist I went. It turned out to be bad news. I have Dry Macular Degeneration. It causes the vision to become more & more blurry, but not actually blind. On top of that I am diabetic so that is an another assault on my vision. My Mother lost her vision at 24. AMD is genetic. I will go back to the DR in a year to check & see how fast it is progressing. I can still see to read or write & of course knit & sew. I just couldn't read street signs etc. I am trying to stay positive & hope for the best.