Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cooler Weather is on the Way

Cooler weather is just over the horizon. Time to get busy on my longies & footies for this winter. Things have slowed down with the shorties & pullons. I'm hoping that I will do as well this winter season as I did this summer.
Here are a pair of my footies. I am busy making samples to photograph.
These sell pretty well over the fall & winter. Just a pair of longies with a sock on the end. :)
When my kids were born I made a quilt for each of them. My oldest son asked me if I would make a quilt for his two little ones & I decided that would be a good project & fun for me & them. My quilts are not the fanciest, but they are warm & cute. Just plain little squares about 36" x 42". (Although I like to do it, sewing is not my favorite thing.) I decided that I would make them each a quilt along with a matching pillowcase & pajama's.  (Just a note, my oldest son had his quilt until he was 12. He even took it to camp with him.)
I have ordered all the fabric etc. I don't have any special quilting equipment other than a walking foot for my machine. If I had the room I can think of a bunch of things that I would like to buy, but just no where to put them. My craft & knitting room is busting out as it is.
I haven't had the time to work on my scrappies this summer. I did get a few made but not as much as I would wish. I am going to try to squeeze some more in here & there. My scrappies box is only about 1/3 full. I like to take a full box over there. The need is sooo great. This is a small town but we get lots of women from the bigger cities coming to stay at the shelter, hiding out from their abusive spouses.