Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Resurrecting my Blog

I had a hard time getting back on my blog.  I couldn't get the right password & email address to get it back up & running again.
I haven't done much knitting for the last year. I've been busy sewing small appliance covers to sell on eBay. I have knit a couple of things for the shelter but that's about it. My diaper covers are not selling well. No one is buying diaper covers on there, mine or anyone else's. There is barely one page of them. I have opened a BST(buy sell trade) group on fb so maybe I can get that going. So far I only have 13 members but am hoping that will take off. I have sold a couple of them there.
China & other countries have taken over eBay & Amazon. They are able to sell the same product more cheaply than US based sellers. Most of the things they sell are not the cheap things that seemed to be the norm for so long. Now, their products are as good or better than what US sellers were making. I have a friend that sold on Amazon & she said that as soon as the bootleg site is taken down, they are back on selling again.
I don't like to get into politics, but am so worried for our country with the President creating havoc. Please write your representatives & get that madman out. :)