Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not Much to Say

Not much going on with me right now, other than filling orders. I do have some plans though. I am going to do a tutorial on 'Short Row Increases' with multiple stitches.  I have to work out the math for it, first. I am not much of a math whiz but this is just simple arithmetic so it shouldn't be too much trouble. I will show the process while I do it.
A4A has set July 31 for the due date so if anyone is knitting for them keep that in mind. I have knitted 3 pair of socks along with the sweater that I am making. All I need to do with it is knit the other sleeve & sew it up. I am hoping to get some mittens made too.
Why does it always seem like I am going 90 miles an hour?? I have so many things going on that I wonder if I am really enjoying myself as much as I could be. It seems to be that I have forgotten how to have fun. Everything I do is a different version of some type of work. I love my store & when it slows down I am worried that it won't pick up again. Then, when I am getting tons of orders I work myself to the bone just to keep up with it, & worry that I will get behind. Right now I am spending about 4 hours a day on the machine for my covers., plus another couple of hours making up. I don't have time to volunteer anymore & miss it. My DH suggested PMS, but I guess the look on my face stopped that conversation from continuing. LOL  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Charity Sweater for A4A

I have been working on my child's sweater for A4A. I decided that the Caramel was too boring for a little girl & thought that adding some color would be a good idea. I am using the Burnt Orange for the front, then the back & sleeves are to be Caramel. I can knit one of these up pretty quick, but had a couple of orders come in so had to finish those up before I can get to the sweater.
I know that the sweater looks really long in the picture, but I make all my charity sweaters hip length to keep tummy's warm. The neckband is short rowed & grafted onto the body of the sweater. As busy as I have been with my store this may be the only charity sweater that I get finished for the program. I do want to get some mittens knitted & felted before I ship this off.
Now....for the aggravating part. I sewed one shoulder together on the machine, then did the neckband. After that, I sewed the other shoulder. When I took the sweater off the machine I realized that I had dropped a stitch on the shoulder. I did repair it but that is the kind of thing that sends me up the walls. I walk around the house muttering to myself for days after I do something like that. Probably no one but me will ever know, but things like that can ruin my whole day.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer is Here(almost)

The sun is out & the weather is turning warmer. I'm looking forward to summer. Here in the Pacific Northwest it doesn't usually get up in the 80's or above. The last couple of summers it has been much warmer than normal. It looks like this one is going to be hotter too.
I have picked this color for my Afghans for Afghans sweater. This campaign they are asking for 100% wool sweaters, hats, mittens, or vests for girls ages 7-16. They prefer that you don't use a light colored yarn as they get dirty so fast. In a country with no hot water or washing machines dark colors are much better. I am making a size 10 drop shoulder with grafted sleeves & neckband.
My store has been very busy this year, with covers. Still not quite what it was before the recession, but getting there. My tee shirts are still not selling though. I didn't sell my heat press as I am hoping that sales would improve eventually. I have 300 infant & toddler tee shirts that I bought while they were selling out & then sales flat lined almost over night. Fortunately I have small grandkids that can wear some of them.