Friday, May 15, 2015

Getting Busy

I am working on a sweater that is knitted on my Brother 965i from the Stitch World Pattern book. It is pattern number 333 slip sts. It will be a cut & sew neckline. (I really can't say how much I love this technique. All machine knitters should learn this. It is easy to do & makes a beautiful neckband. Be sure & do a search of my blog for it.) I'm not sure if this sweater is going to the Women's Shelter or my g'daughter. I started it for her some months ago & didn't get it finished so don't know if it will still fit her. She is 4 & they grow so fast at the age.
Hope that you can see the pattern. I have the front, back & sleeves finished & am knitting the neckband on the GC. Some time ago I took my ribber off the machine & have been doing all my ribbing on the GC. I don't mind setting up the ribber but my space is kinda tight &  it is easier to use the GC.
I have listed some 220 Cascade Yarn on eBay. I am trying to get control of my stash. My little house is so cluttered up there is just no more room for anything. (Also, donating some books to the local library. I have tons of unread books in containers my garage. I am reading them & then donating them.) I have a tendency to collect things that I am interested in. It goes fine for a while, then gets completely out of control. I am sorting out all my fabrics & am going to make small appliance covers with any that are appropriate, possibly also making children's clothes for the shelter with others(have lots of kids fabric) & selling off some. I have some flannel & might make some 'blankies' with it.('blankies' are small flannel blankets about the size of a fat quarter that are made to be babies first blanket)My middle g'son carried around his blankie & always slept with it, even on sleep overs, until he was 5.
I have lots & lots of options to lift my spirits. I have never been the kind of person that just lays around sad & depressed, but for the last few months that is how I have been living my life. My whole family is worried about me. I am doing my best to overcome. :)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Odds & Ends

Lately I have been using up small amounts of yarn for scrappies. I made this little vest for the Women's Shelter. It is a size 2 with a grafted neckband. I ran out of the yellow so finished the armholes with some pink that I had. There wasn't enough of the pink for anything other than trim.  I grafted the trim onto the armhole to avoid lots of bulk. I know some knitters make the armhole & them attach it to the garment but that just Creates unnecessary bulk at the armhole & that is uncomfortable for the wearer. I decided to embroider a ladybug on the front although after I finished it I wished that I had used red or black rather than the blue.
I have lots of little bits of yarn that will make some smaller items for the shelter.
I am way behind in this years shelter donation because I have been in a funk & just haven't seemed to have the 'git go' to get anything finished. I don't know why I am so depressed or why I don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning. Usually I bounce out of bed everyday ready to go.
Last year was a tough year for me & I may be experiencing some of the depression that I went through last year. I still miss my pets very much but haven't replaced them. I have my 12 year old Australian Cattle Dog & don't want to upset her with another animal. She is still in mourning & waits by the door everyday for her friends to come home. I feel so bad for her, I just wish I could explain to her. 
I have a customer that wants a toaster cover & potholders in a 50's fabric. He found what he wanted & sent it to me. I am going to work on it today.