Friday, September 15, 2017

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Cleaning up My Knitting Room
I've been working in my knitting room to get it straightened out. My long bed machine is under a stack of fabric. (How did that happen??) LOL I'm trying to get things organized again, as it is sooo confusing, even to me. I can't find a single thing. It is starting to look better now, & I'm making some progress. I want to get busy & knit some sweaters for the shelter before Dec., as that is when I usually take my donation up. I like to bring in a box of yarn from the garage & knit it all up into children's sweaters. I miss all the MK that I did before. I have a space cleared out by my SR 860 & want to start knitting. I'm selling so many small appliance covers that I haven't had the time to do anything else.
I used to sell my diaper covers on a site called Hyena Cart. I did a lot of business with Karen, & kept busy, but in the last few years the site has lost most of it's members, & that includes buyers. When I started selling there, there were 117 knitting & crocheting stores. Now there are 4. She is trying to get a fb site going but I'm not sure that will be a go. I think that HYC has had it's day in the sun, & probably won't attract a lot of moms. If she can attract some customers I will start selling on her site. I've sold a few diaper covers on fb through my BST store. They haven't caught on yet, like they did on eBay.