Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Diaper Covers

I make my diaper covers in 5 sizes; Newborn, 6 month, 12 month, 2T, & 4T. Recently I was asked by a mom to make a preemie/small baby size in the pullon style. I always recommend the pullons for smaller babies because of the way it fits. & I think they look cuter on smaller babies than the shorties do, although I make a lot of shorties for smaller babies too.
as opposed to the shortie on a very tiny baby,
When I first designed my pullons I didn't think they would sell very well because I just didn't think that moms would be interested in them, but I loved them so tried to promote them on my Hyena Cart Store & Ebay.  I had seen some similar covers online & they didn't seem to sell well either. I wanted to make mine with good coverage around the legs as the shortie legs were so loose & seem to flap around. My pullons have proven to be a big seller & I am adding new colors all the time.
It turns out that my pullons sell almost as well as my shorties, which are by far my biggest selling item. Several moms have asked for a pullon with long legs for winter. I think that I will make the legs ribbed so that they will hug the baby.
Ebay forced me to give the crazy Ebayer her money back even though she lied about everything. I don't have the ribbed transfer carriage back yet. I imagine it will be in pieces when it shows up, if it even does. I didn't wait until I received it back before I refunded her. I know I should have but I wanted to get rid of her once & for all. She actually wanted me to pay her for sending it back to me. I decided to do some investigating about this woman. It turns out she is Lucille Rowels, aka Kazekaknits, & lives in Chicago Il. She is a 55 year old attorney, but not a very good one judging from her feedback. I wonder if she is on any of the MK lists. One other thing, she does not know how to use a rib transfer carriage. LOL
The other day I was talking to my neighbor about some of my glass bake ware that has burned on food & grease. I have scrubbed it with cleanser, SOS pads, magic eraser & whatever else I could think of to get it clean, all to no avail. My neighbor, Kathy told me to put toothpaste on the SOS pads & water & it will remove it. I tried it & it does work. In fact, it worked so well that I got my old cookies sheets out & scrubbed them too. It worked for them to0!!
Remember our Warriors

Friday, May 9, 2014

Scrappie Finished

I have finished my shelter scrappie. This pattern was generated with the Knitware program, of course. I use the program to save myself from having to chart the patterns & to tell me if I have enough yarn to make the garment of my choice. It is easy to use & does a great job once you are used to the fit of the garment that you are making. I have learned a lot of machine knitting techniques over the years & generally finish the garment my own way, rather then the way that the pattern states. Sometime ago I did a post about short rowing the neck ( neckband & grafting it onto the garment rather that binding off stitches & attaching it later. It makes a much nicer band that looks far superior & Also more stretchy than the bound off band.  
I weighed my swatch & used the program to calculate how much yarn I needed to make the sweater. The program told me that I had enough but I decided that I wanted to make a hat to go with this sweater so looked through my stash for more of this yarn. I know it's out there somewhere but I could not find any. This is the amount of yarn that I had left after I finished the sweater.
 I understand the basic principle of how the program is able to do that, by calculating the number of rows & stitches in the swatch & the number of rows & stitches in the garment & dividing those numbers, one into the other. I don't think I could do it myself with any rate of success. LOL. I am grateful to the Janet's of this world that are able to do just that. 
& Here is the finished sweater!!
I am still dieting but have hit a rough spot. I have lost 42 LBS but it is going much slower than before & is getting much harder to resist the all the goodies out there, but I am still trying.

While selling some of my older knitting things on eBay for a relatively low price compared to the price of other like items I unfortunately attracted the attention of Kazekaknits that left this feedback for me;
Negative feedback rating
Buyer Beware:Item broken when arrived & doesn't work. Seller doesn't do refunds

I do not sell defective merchandise. There is nothing wrong with the carriage as I tested it before I sold it, & in fact sold 2 of them. She sent me 8 emails during the transaction demanding all sorts of ridicules things & I emailed her that I was going to cancel the bid. I knew I should cancel it but gave her the benefit of the doubt. She doesn't know how to use it & this is the result. Beware of the crazies.