Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Work Work Work!!!

I have been so busy with my store this summer that I haven't had the time to finish up very many UFO's although I did get a couple of them finished. 

This is the green GC sweater with the mis-patterned sleeve. Diana Sullivan gave me an excellent technique to fix this by removing the mis-patterned section & grafting on a newly knitted corrected piece. I knitted a piece to graft on & then removed the mis-patterned part by knitting on some waste yarn at the place that I wanted to separate the sleeve. Then I carefully removed the row below the waste yarn. I took the new piece on waste yarn & grafted it onto the sleeve. All was going sooo well until I turned over the sleeve & realized that I had knit an extra row, an easy mistake to make on your first try. I tried to pick it out but I had pulled out some of the waste yarn & only succeeded in making a big mess, so wound up re-knitting the sleeve. I was just in too much of a hurry I think. However....this is an excellent technique & I have added it to my bag of tricks & will try it again at the first opportunity. When I do I am going to take some pictures. If I had gotten the rows correct this would have worked out so great. An easy fix. Thx Diana. 

This is a scrappie for the Friendship House. It is made from Red Heart Sport weight yarn that I bought several years ago with the idea of crocheting Christmas Stocking to sell on my store. I made a few & gave them away to family & friends for their fireplaces. That left me with quite a bit of the RH sport as you all know, when I buy yarn I buy in quantity. I decided that some light weight sweaters for the shelter would be a good thing. I have more red, green, orange, & yellow so am going to use it for that. It knits up very well on my SR SK860  at tension 3. 

I am making a shortie for my store almost every day. With everyone having sooo many HOT days they are selling faster than I can keep up with. I am having lots of fun with them & trying out some new color combinations etc. 

Hope all had a happy 4th!!!