Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ribber Cast On Combs

Using the ribber cast on comb can be such a hassle sometimes. Either the comb is too big or too small for the job. This problem annoyed me for many years. Then I decided to buy some extra cast on combs & have them cut to the size that I wanted. I tried to buy them from the dealer & have him cut them to size, but they are not really equipped to do that, so wound up with a less than satisfactory result. I did a little research & found out there are machine shops out there that do things like that all the time. (Who knew!!)

I decided to do my mid gauge combs first. I bought a long ribber comb for the mid gauge machine & marked on it where I wanted it cut & where the holes should be. I took it down to a small machine shop & explained to them what I wanted. It cost me $20 to have the comb cut & the holes drilled. Now I have combs for my mid gauge in sizes 150 sts, 100 sts, 80 sts , &  50 sts. The perfect size is always available. 

This works equally well for any size ribber comb. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last Years New Years Resolutions

How did you do with last years resolutions?? I didn't do too bad. I finished a big box of children's sweaters for the Women's Shelter. As for my resolution to lose weight, I lost the same 10 lbs several times!! LOL I sent 2 wool sweaters to the Afghans for Afghans program. I have 5 pair of socks that I will send this week. (Better late than never) Used up one whole bin of worsted & sport weight yarns. (Still have lots to go.) I managed to keep from buying boxes of new yarn, so I didn't do too bad. This is the first year in I can't tell you how long, my stash has actually been reduced rather than gotten bigger. 

My goal for this year is to make a box of children's sweaters for the Clothing Bank. Maybe lose that 10lbs a few more times + more. 

I am keeping my fingers crossed that my store with do better. Since the economy went south my store has been limping along. I am only doing about half of what I did the first 6 years that I was open.  

Here's a sweater that I made for my granddaughter. I made a pair of long pants to go with it. It is a size 2 (she is 5 months right now) so she won't be wearing it for a while.  The yarn is a sport weight & embroidered very nicely on my Brother 750D. I am looking for more yarn like this in my stash as my DIL liked it & would like a couple more outfits made from it.