Sunday, January 4, 2015

Things for Friends

Right now I am making a jacket & pants for my friends new g'child. He is a big boy & very cute. I made him a set already & here is a picture of him.
It's a little cardigan hoodie. I made him some pants to go with them but he is not wearing them. When I saw that he is outgrowing the outfit(he's a big boy) I decided to make him another one. This one is made from Red Hearts Kids yarn knitted on my mid-gauge. The new one is from Millor Piropo, also on my mid-gauge. It is gray & navy with striped pants & navy hoodie with gray trim. Right now we don't have any new babies to knit for in the family & I do like making baby clothes so I do a lot of knitting for friends etc. + the women's shelter.
I'm sure that we have all made New Year's resolutions. Mine is not to charge anything on any of my credit cards for a whole year. It has to cash or go without. I would like to pay down my CC's at least by half. It is just too easy to go to the mall & charge up a storm. I have a bad habit of getting bored & then going shopping & buying all kinds of things that I don't need & in some cases don't even want.
I feel like I am neglecting my blog as I haven't been keeping up with it very well. I am going to do better this year.