Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Little Lady is Here!!!

Our little girl has finally arrived!! 'Fashionably late' as some would say. She is happy & healthy & her big brother loves her sooo much. Hug her, kiss her, poke her in the eye. LOL She is doing well at home & is being breast fed like her brother. Mom & Dad say this is the last. Too expensive to raise kids. Hopefully she isn't allergic to wool & will be able to wear the clothes that her brother couldn't. 

On another note, Mom is a school teacher & with the present economy she is wondering if she will have a job to go back to. I am afraid that things are going to get much worse for all of us. I don't believe that the recession is over at all. Dad is a truck driver & is getting minimal work as freight is down. No one has money to buy other than the necessities so not alot is moving. 

I have been busy with my charity sweaters. This is a size 2 raglan made with Red Heart Soft Baby. short rowed neck with grafted neckband.

Size 6 with RH Soft Baby Drop shoulder with short rowed neck & grafted sleeves & loop through loop bind off. 

Size 4 RH SuperSaver drop shoulder, grafted neckband & sleeves with the loop through loop bind off. 

I have been so busy volunteering & doing other things that I have neglected my blog. I still have a few projects planned. I want to make some of the cloth baby shoes that I saw on another blog. I want to make some sweaters for the clothing bank here in town. Also, need to start on the baby clothes that I promised the shelter. 

I haven't been able to find out for sure, but I think the 'Afghans for Afghans' program has ended. I went to the website to check & see what they wanted knitted up, but there is no information as to the current needs. Also, the blog has been deleted. I am going to do some more investigating & see what is out there accepting donations. I know 'World Vision' does, but they don't want wool garments. Only acrylic. As far as I know 'A4A' is the only one that takes wool. & I have lots of that!! If anyone has any information that they would be willing to share with me, I am all ears.


Afghans for Afghans is still in business.  The 'Knit Along' Blog is up & running.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still Knitting

I have had a few orders come in, but am still making baby rompers too. I think that this will be the last one for the season. 

I am getting ready for my winter rush for longies. Usually it starts about the middle of September. I want to get some made so I will have some ready to ship as well as customs available.

My g'son is growing so fast!! I can't believe he has turned one already. They don't stay little for long do they??

I have started to work on my Xmas gifts for this year. I am going to make knitted toys for the little ones. Small stocking stuffer type of things. I have fun making them & they have fun getting them. With the bigger kids I generally make them something useful  like socks in school colors etc.