Friday, July 1, 2011


Usually I'm pretty good at estimating how far my yarn will go. It took years, but now I can look at the cone or hank & pretty much know what the biggest size of scrappie I can make with it is. This time I ran out of rose too soon. I thought that with a couple of stripes of another color across the front & back that I could stretch out the rose & get the complete back & front finished. I was a little bit off. I debated ripping the sweater out, but since this is for a little girl, I decided that the lavender would look okay.  I was disappointed though. I like to make the front first just for that reason. 

We are going away for a couple of days this weekend. I am taking my laptop with me to stay connected to my store. I have had a couple of small orders come in but it is still slow.  I am going to do them today before we leave.  

Right now we are waiting for the yard service to get here & cut the grass before we leave.  I hope that we can beat the traffic out of town. Happy 4th of July. (Please drive defensively  all!!)


Jemajo said...

Just a suggestion for the lavender section :
embroider little pink flowers/stars along it with some short tail ends of the pink (you know the little 4" pieces you cut off the cast on and cast off parts?) and join them up with the green thread for stems and leaves. could visit "feeling (blog) and have a look at the you... embroidery on the pillow case. Something like that in green with pink heart, but use star/heart/angel/fairy or something instead of the "love you". The heart could be in pink scrap or ribbon?

Little girls love being warm and love embellishment, so the sweater is a winner anyway!

Sheryl Evans said...

I think that that is such a good idea!! I am going to look through some of my old cross stitch books & see if I can find a little tulip pattern to embroider across the lavender section. In fact, that is such a good idea I may start using it with my scrappies more than this once. Sometimes I think one might look too plain, & this would be a good way to spruce it up. The possibilities are endless. I don't have any of the original rose left, but I do have some sport weight pink & green that will work great. Thx so much for your input!!