Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Moment Of Silence

Let us all observe a moment of silence with the passing of Knitware. As of January 1st of this year, Knitware has been discontinued.

Sponge Bars

As machine knitters we all know that to knit the machine requires a good sponge bar to do it's job correctly. My SR 860 was giving me trouble so I took out the sponge bar to check it. As I feared the sponge bar was shot. I had several sponge bars available & while I didn't have one for the 860 I had one that was close & thought I would use it. Wrong!! I had orders to get out & didn't want to wait for the new one to get here so I stuck in a sponge bar that looked pretty close to the old one. After I stuck it in there the machine knit fine but would not knit on hold at all. It just jammed every time. So then I tried to get the thing out & it was stuck. I tried poking it out with a screwdriver, grabbing it with needle nose pliers etc etc. Finally had to enlist the help of DH & take the bed off to get the darn thing out. I still have orders to get out so I put the old one back in & am knitting slowly with it until the new one arrives. NEVER put the wrong sponge bar in any machine. I knew that but conveniently forgot it but will not do that again!!


maureenlthompson said...

Too bad they didn't update Knitware. I had to buy an old 32bit computer just to run it. I tried many, many times to get it work on my 64bit Windows 7 computer to no avail. I really believe that if they had gotten someone to re-write the program for current computers they would have a profitable business. I am still happy though to have the ability to use it on the old computer.

Sheryl Evans said...

Knitware was a 'one woman show' & Janet, the original writer did all the work herself & she profited from it for 15 years. I know that Ada knew nothing about the program. I don't think she is a machine knitter either. I have yet to see anything she knit other than a swatch. It still 'boggles' my mind that she told the list members that they couldn't post to the list because she didn't want it 'cluttered up'. Insane.

I am running mine on an older computer too. I just haven't upgraded to 8 because I know it won't run. Sad. I have an 8 laptop but my old PC is 7.