Saturday, July 24, 2010

For My Store

This is a garment that I made for my store. It is a Forest Green Longie for a 2 yr old. It is a wool diaper cover designed to wick the water away from baby's wet cloth diaper into the soaker. It keeps baby drier than disposables & is better for the environment as landfills are full of dirty diapers. I have been making soakers for over 6 years now & enjoy it very much. This garment was designed with KnitWare Basic by Great Knit Designs. I sell cute Tee Shirts to go with the covers & let Mom choose which free transfer she wants from my web site. I also have lots of embroidery designs that can be chosen. I enjoy this activity very much. When I am not busy in my store I do my charity knitting.

Our weather here has been sunny & bright for the past couple of weeks. We don't get this kind of weather every summer so it is a pleasure when we do. Mostly we get rain, & more rain. That's why they call us the 'Evergreen State.'

I am going to start doing some volunteer work next month. I will be driving elderly clients to doctor's appointments & going grocery shopping for them. Maybe some light housework. I am very much looking forward to starting. I am kept pretty busy with my store & charity knitting but I like being busy. I am the kind of person that can't just sit down & watch TV etc. I need some hand work to do so I don't feel like I'm wasting time. LOL

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