Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Cut & Sew Neck Template

Here is another type of neck template for your 'cut & sew' projects. I bought these at a yard sale some years ago for $2. I am only showing one, but I have 4 adult size templates & 4 children's size templates. I don't think these are available anymore. They are made by 'Hallandall's'. I did Google them to see if I could find any of them for sale but nothing came up. These are very useful as you can make crew necks & also scoop necks. I use washable marker to mark my necks as I found that the Taylor's chalk doesn't show up well, or falls of while you're trying to sew the neck. After the neck is marked I do 2 zig-zag rows around the marked line. Try not to stretch out the neckline as your sewing. Then I cut the neck out & hang the cut neck edge on the machine easing the fullness in across the row. I knit 1 row of stocking stitch across the neck & transfer sts for 1x1 rib, or whatever combination I am using . I am going to take a pix of the neck before I cut it so you can get some idea of how it is supposed to work. I do have a video recorder & will try to get it set up at some point to be able to show this in more detail.

While my DIL was pregnant we made a stack of baby clothes in 100% wool DK. The weather is finally cool enuff for baby to wear them. When we put them on him he seemed happy & was smiling & cooing. Then, when we took them off he had a rash. We dabbed him with a little spot of lanolin & sure enuff, it made a rash. Our little darling is allergic to wool!! We are all sooo bummed out over this development. My DIL packed up the clothes to save for the next one, that hopefully will be able to wear them.

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