Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ribber Cast On Combs

Using the ribber cast on comb can be such a hassle sometimes. Either the comb is too big or too small for the job. This problem annoyed me for many years. Then I decided to buy some extra cast on combs & have them cut to the size that I wanted. I tried to buy them from the dealer & have him cut them to size, but they are not really equipped to do that, so wound up with a less than satisfactory result. I did a little research & found out there are machine shops out there that do things like that all the time. (Who knew!!)

I decided to do my mid gauge combs first. I bought a long ribber comb for the mid gauge machine & marked on it where I wanted it cut & where the holes should be. I took it down to a small machine shop & explained to them what I wanted. It cost me $20 to have the comb cut & the holes drilled. Now I have combs for my mid gauge in sizes 150 sts, 100 sts, 80 sts , &  50 sts. The perfect size is always available. 

This works equally well for any size ribber comb. 


Upplagd said...

Hello Sheryl, nice blog you have. I ended here when I was looking for ribber cast on combs. I found one on the ebay and made a bid. Otherwise I agree with you, it is a problem with the length, it´s always the wrong one!!!
I also do the mashineknitting and have a blog. Sadly it´s not in english but perhaps you can understand some of it.
Kindly regards


Olá gostei muito da ideia e se eu conseguir um grande vou fazer. Obrigada por compartilhar.Abraços.