Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fairisle Front Knitted

Here is the front of the fairisle sweater knitted up. It doesn't look the way I wanted, right side up & upside down hearts, but it is a cute pattern anyway. Maybe after blocking it will look more like I envisioned. It is a size 6. The gauge for the fairisle was different than the gauge for the rest of the sweater, so I m going to have to do some easy math to figure out how to seam it. I usually mattress stitch all my worsted weight sweaters. I don't like the way they look linked together. 

Here is the purl side. The longest float I had was 5 stitches. I didn't feel like they were so long that I had to either latch them up or hang them on the stitch above the float. I am going to make another fairisle sweater & demonstrate how to latch up floats & how to hang them in another post. I didn't feel that these were so long that they would get caught on little fingers. 

Now, to finish up the rest of the sweater.

I read lots of blogs. Not just about machine knitting or hand knitting, but sewing. quilting, scrap-booking & many others. I want to tell you about Katie.  

This is Katie. She was either lost or abandoned by her owner.  She was living on the kindness of neighbors & scavenging until a very caring family took her in as their very own pet. Anyone that takes in a lost or abandoned animal is, in my opinion, is an asset to the human race. They make the world a better place for all of us, not just Katie. Read her story here:

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susies1955 said...

What a beautiful sweater. I had lost track of your block until you started commenting on mine again. How sweet of you to post about Katie. She is so sweet. We are blessed.