Monday, April 9, 2012

Fairisle Swatches

Here is a fairisle swatch that I knitted up on the SR SK860 using the EC-1 controller.  I actually made this pattern years ago when I used the EC-1 all the time with my SR SK 840 standard gauge machine, before I had DAK. It is knitted out & steamed & ready to give me my gauge for the next sweater, on the SK860.  I still am going to do some motifs, I just don't have them drawn out on the mylar sheets yet. I am having a hard time finding my design pencils, so when I do I can draw my motifs. I have a habit of putting things away so they won't get lost, & then fail to remember where I put them. 

This yarn is Heirloom Comfort. It is knit at tension 8 for the fairisle pattern. The floats on this pattern are not very long except for a couple & I latch them up to the next higher stitch. I am going to be knitting this up in a different color tho. I have made four swatches of this yarn, all different colors, & the gauge has come out the same for each color, so I feel comfortable doing this. It is tho, a no-no. Really, you always need to make a swatch of each color that you're going to knit. Tomorrow I am going to work on the sweater. I have a box ready to go to the shelter & just need 2-3 more to fill it up. 

This is my 'Hello Kitty' humidifier. I bought it last year to fight the dreaded static electricity. I leave it on in my knitting room all the time, setting it to a light humidity. I have to fill it about once a week. It has solved my static problems completely, along with waxing my yarn. Since I am knitting every day this works out for me really well.

I have been getting tons of spam coming into my blog. My comments are moderated so that they don't get posted. It is very irritating & I am hoping that they give up & quit sending them. 

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