Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm Back!!! LOL

I am back online, finally!! Everything has been fixed & all is running smoothly. My security system & internet are getting along now, so maybe I can catch up with my orders & my blogging.  I did go to Walmart & buy another laptop just for emergencies. My neighbor has wi-fi & she let me check my email etc. by connecting to her set up. I didn't stay online for more than 15-20 minutes a day as I didn't want to take advantage. :-) You just don't realize how much time you spend online until you can't do it. 

I have to get some pictures taken so that I can upload them. I want to finish the brown cardigan & a couple other things as soon as I possible & show them to you, once I am caught up with orders etc. 

1 comment:

Tom Machine Knitting Guy said...

Glad you are back where you belong!