Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back to Kniting Diaper Covers

Back to knitting diaper covers again. Don't have any pictures right now.
I managed to get the negative feedback removed. Doubt I'll ever see my carriage. I did post a 'Beware' of this person on Facebook & the MK list. Ileen Levy said she may have tried to pull the same scam on her a couple of years ago. For those of you that don't know Ileen, she has a brick & mortar store as well as selling online.
It seems like lately everyone is asking for discounts on the covers. I know times are hard for families with small children. I am older & financially secure now but I haven't forgotten what it is like to have little kids at home & not enough money for clothes, food etc. I remember pinching pennies & making do. I still have stay on a budget. I try to give the younger parents a break whenever I can but with the cost of the yarn & the escalating costs of shipping, it isn't easy. I haven't raise my prices since before the recession. Although I am able to buy my supplies wholesale I have to buy a bag at a time of each color I want. I can't buy just enough for one cover. & even wholesale, they are not cheap by any means.
I decided to change the template for my blog. Thought I would go pink for awhile. :)

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