Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Diaper Covers

I make my diaper covers in 5 sizes; Newborn, 6 month, 12 month, 2T, & 4T. Recently I was asked by a mom to make a preemie/small baby size in the pullon style. I always recommend the pullons for smaller babies because of the way it fits. & I think they look cuter on smaller babies than the shorties do, although I make a lot of shorties for smaller babies too.
as opposed to the shortie on a very tiny baby,
When I first designed my pullons I didn't think they would sell very well because I just didn't think that moms would be interested in them, but I loved them so tried to promote them on my Hyena Cart Store & Ebay.  I had seen some similar covers online & they didn't seem to sell well either. I wanted to make mine with good coverage around the legs as the shortie legs were so loose & seem to flap around. My pullons have proven to be a big seller & I am adding new colors all the time.
It turns out that my pullons sell almost as well as my shorties, which are by far my biggest selling item. Several moms have asked for a pullon with long legs for winter. I think that I will make the legs ribbed so that they will hug the baby.
Ebay forced me to give the crazy Ebayer her money back even though she lied about everything. I don't have the ribbed transfer carriage back yet. I imagine it will be in pieces when it shows up, if it even does. I didn't wait until I received it back before I refunded her. I know I should have but I wanted to get rid of her once & for all. She actually wanted me to pay her for sending it back to me. I decided to do some investigating about this woman. It turns out she is Lucille Rowels, aka Kazekaknits, & lives in Chicago Il. She is a 55 year old attorney, but not a very good one judging from her feedback. I wonder if she is on any of the MK lists. One other thing, she does not know how to use a rib transfer carriage. LOL
The other day I was talking to my neighbor about some of my glass bake ware that has burned on food & grease. I have scrubbed it with cleanser, SOS pads, magic eraser & whatever else I could think of to get it clean, all to no avail. My neighbor, Kathy told me to put toothpaste on the SOS pads & water & it will remove it. I tried it & it does work. In fact, it worked so well that I got my old cookies sheets out & scrubbed them too. It worked for them to0!!
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Heidi said...

hello Cheryl,

I am following your blog and today i have seen your entry about the burned-on glassware. I always put a dishwasher-tablet and some water in it over night. Just give it a try! You don`t have to scrub, it is easy to remove!
Best wishes and greetings from Bavaria
Heidi aka Stricka on ravelry

Sheryl Evans said...

Thank you Heidi, I will try that too. I am posting it for my other followers, if they want to try it. :)

JoW said...

Sheryl, if your transfer carriage was for a Singer, it may not have been the right one for her model of knitting machine. I had one for a Singer 328, but it would not work for a Singer 360. Had to get a different transfer carriage for it.
By the way, that Chinese double bed machine I had ended up in the thrift shop; I got so fed up with it. That was $1,000 down the drain.:)

Sheryl Evans said...

Frankly I hope it doesn't fit. She has been running scams like this for years according to other MKer's that I have heard from. One dealer told me that 10 years ago she bought a MKing stand from her, then asked for a return. The dealer accepted the return only to realize that she sent a different stand that was broken back, instead of the one the woman bought from her.(she marks her merchandise just for this reason)She declined to refund her money because it wasn't the same stand but MS Rowels filed a claim with her credit card company & received the refund anyway. You can't win with the credit card companies. :)

Sheryl Evans said...

I am sorry that you weren't able to get the machine to work. A lot of times I have had the same impulse concerning my machines. There is a woman, Diana Sullivan, that makes excellent mking videos on Utube. Search for 'Diana Sullivan'. Also, there is a Yahoo group called 'knitting machines' that you should join. They offer help to MKer's. Don't give up.