Friday, August 28, 2015

Charity Sweaters

I have been working on shelter sweaters, for children, this month. I am hoping to have a good number of sweaters to take to them before long. Here is a picture of a sleeveless vest that I just finished. I just need to sew it up & sew the kangaroo pouch down on it I have a book that has instructions on how the make the pouches & pockets for sweaters.
I have a bin of yarn in the house that I am working out of. I have quite a bit of Red Heart Kids yarn in it. I made lots of sweaters for my g'kids out of it but there is enough left for several more sweaters. I like the RH Kids because it is nice & soft. I don't use the RH supersaver for children's sweaters, or really any sweaters, because my g'kids complained that the neckband was scratchy on their necks & they didn't like them. I also use the RH Soft for them.
 I am making a good dent in my stash too. I have lots of Piropo that I am going to bring in when I finish this bin unless I can find some more worsted weight yarns. I'm not sure if there is anymore out there or not. I am also making a pants & hoodie for my friends g'son. I will have some pictures of it next when I finish it.
I wish I could find someone to make a video about neck casings. I want to use that to finish for the hoodie but haven't been able to find any on You Tube. I know I have a book somewhere that has instructions for one but just can't find it, by Mary Ann Oger, so I will keep  looking for it.

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