Monday, September 21, 2015

Sewing Kitchen Appliance Covers

Along with machine knitting I like to sew. I have been on eBay & Hyena Cart for 10 years selling my diaper covers. I decided to also do some sewing & sell small kitchen appliance covers. I have several patterns for them & am having lots of fun making them. I have been making them for several months now. This is the first real sewing I have done in years. They are easy to make & with all the interest in quilting there are plenty of cute cotton fabric out there to sew. I think that I will make some clothes for toddlers for the women's shelter too. This is my grandson & he is wearing a pair of summer pajamas that I made for him a couple of years ago. It is a dinosaur print & my son says he loves dinosaurs & wears it all the time. He is 5 now.
This is my granddaughter. She is wearing a little dress that I made for her last year. It is very simple pattern. Just two identical pattern pieces that are sewn together to make a simple one piece that can be worn as a dress & then, as a top when she is older. She said that now she is a princess.
Just Ducky Summer Dress + Wool Panty Cover
The picture is a bit blurry but you get the idea. The hat is called a 'prairie hat' & I bought the pattern at Sew Baby online.
My appliance covers are selling but not as well as my diaper covers. Hopefully they will pick up. There are several different eBayer's that are selling them, some very nice. I am makings sets but they are not selling as sets so I am winding up with lots of mismatched covers. I have them listed individually so maybe they will sell. Right now I am only selling a couple a week. My favorite prints are flowers but other people don't seem to like them as much as I do. LOL But, I will persevere.

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