Monday, October 25, 2010

Carl Boyd Neck Template for 'Cut & Sew" Necks.

Here is the Carl Boyd neckline template for 'cut & sew' necklines. You can make a round 'crew neck' with this or a 'vee neckline'. These are very reasonably priced & do a fantastic job. The template is at the bottom of the page & only takes a few days to be delivered. You can do any size neck, from a small to a large size that is bigger than I have ever needed. I do a 'cut & sew ' on fairisle & G-Carriage sweaters. That way the patterns match much better than if you try to shape the neck. With a little practice you will soon be a 'pro'.

"Carl Boyd Neck Templates If you are someone who likes to "cut and sew" your necks, we have secured a stock of Carl Boyd's famous neck template to take the worry out of marking your work. This template is so easy to use, just lay the template on your knitting and mark around the smooth, sturdy edge with dressmakers chalk and you have a perfect pattern to cut out. The template has instructions for different widths and depths of round necklines and instructions are also included for "vee" necks. Made from sturdy plastic this template will last you a lifetime and is an absolute must for all your cut and sew necklines."


Anonymous said...

Would like the plastic neckline templates, how do I purchase them?

Sheryl Evans said...

This is the only place that I could find that has these anymore.