Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Colder Weather

This is a sweater set that I made for my g'son. The hat I knitted on the 'Kniffy Knitter' loom, and the sweater on my Silver Reed SK 860 in Red Heart Kids yarns. I like the RH Kids yarn the best for children's because it is sooo soft & not stiff & itchy like some of the RH yarns. He seems to like the worsted weight yarns the best. That is what he always picks out when he is getting a new sweater. His teacher asked me to make a set in red for her son so I will be working on that for the next few days. 

I am still working on the GC scoop neck sweater for my DD. I will be cutting out the neck soon & I want to take some pictures for you. I have been very busy with the holidays etc. but have not deserted you. I will post pictures of the neck when I draw it on the sweater front, & then after I sew & cut it. I use a washable marker for that because I can see it better than the 'taylor's chalk'. I have seen some cut & sew directions where the neckline is basted, then cut but I think my way is better. I do 2 rows of zig zag around the marked edge & then cut the neck out. I ease the neck onto the machine & knit the neck ribbing.  

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