Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Onward with the Cut & Sew

Here is the neckband for the sweater, & the sweater hanging on my machine. I knitted the neckband separately, with waste yarn on either side. After I cut out my neck I rehung the sweater, just under the rows of stitching, on the machine with the right side facing me, easing in any fullness. Then, I brought all the needles out to holding position. I rehung one neckband side into the hooks on the machine, closed all the latches & pulled the stitches through the neckline. Then I brought the needles out to holding position again, making sure that the cut edge of the neckline was underneath the needles. Rehang the other side of the neckband & push the stitches behind the latches. When I am binding off a crew neck I will bind off over 2 gate pegs, but since this is a scoop neck you can just bind off normally, making sure that you don't drop any stitches while doing that. You should wind up with an attractive neckline that is even all the way around the neck.

I have a neurological condition called tardive dyskinesia. The doctors don't know why I have it. Maybe related to all the breast cancer treatments that I took, maybe something else. Anyway, it causes tremors & involuntary muscle movements. When I am having a bad day it is impossible for me to bind off anything because I will drop stitches all over the place. My biggest fear is that I  will deteriorate so much that I am unable to do my crafts. I will bind off this neckline as soon as I settle down a bit.   

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