Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Afghans for Afghans

Here is a true Hero of the A4A program, Linda Graves. You can read her story Here

As you can see, from the condition of my den, that I have fallen off the wagon. I did get a good buy on the yarn.(!!) but that is not an issue here. I really am trying to be good. I am somewhat disappointed with myself, but after I committed to buying it, there just wasn't any way out. I have learned this about myself, if I can resist the temptation when I get the first impulse to buy, I am usually okay. I know maybe in a day or two I will be ready, but I am NOT ready to laugh at this just yet. 

My g'son says I am a yarn hoarder. It is an addiction, for me. A compulsive addiction to own as many beautiful cones of yarn as I can. I'm sure all machine knitters that have a large stash are compulsive too, but I have so much. My only saving grace is that I knit at least 2 hours every day but Sunday, so I am using it, not just collecting. 

I get a lot of hits for 'cut & sew' necks. I am going to consolidate my posts on C&S & re-post them in one long post. I think it will be easier for readers to understand it, if it is all just one post. 

Better get busy, I have some knitting to do!!

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