Monday, February 20, 2012

Shelter Sweaters & Garter Carriage Cams

Here are some sweaters for the Women's Shelter. I always tell them to let me know what they need, & they said some bigger children's sweater would be much appreciated, if possible. These sweater are size 14, 12, & 10. I am going to be making some more of them in these sizes. Hopefully the bigger kids will like them. My experience with the older kids is that they don't like hand made clothing. 

I have forgiven myself for buying all the yarn. But......I have renewed my resolution to reduce my stash again this year, as I did last. 

While using my Garter Carriage I ran over the last of my GC one stitch cams on the left hand side. I am always so careful, or try to be anyway, but it is completely gone now. I haven't run one over for several years. Anyway, I decided to try to convert a 2 sts cam to a 1 sts cam. I took my fingernail clippers & VERY CAREFULLY used it to clip the little bar at the top of the cam in half, in the middle.  Then, I used the clippers to again, VERY CAREFULLY clip off the right hand side of the bar. I had to clip it again, closer to the base of the cam, but it does seem to be working. I have several 2 sts cams so maybe this will work out. I wanted to take a picture of it but it is soooo small that I couldn't get a good one. 

Years ago I bought a spare motherboard for my 965i. That was truly thinking ahead as the motherboard went out today & I had to replace it with the new board. I am going to talk to Shawn Dolan @ Knit & Sew to see if he can repair the old one. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he can.  

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