Thursday, March 29, 2012


While looking at another blog, I saw a post by 'Tom Machine Knitting Guy' where he talked about some items that had other uses, that he adapted for Machine Knitting. A very interesting post. I thought I would highlight several things that I use for MK that weren't meant for that purpose. I would like to hear about anything else that would make a handy MK tool!!

1. Ruler
2. Tapestry Needles
3. Stitch Holders & Markers
4. Altoids Containers
5. Scissors
6. Marking Pen
7. Hair Clip
8. Chip Clips
9. Computer Mini Vac

We all know what a ruler is for. I use it to check my gauge when I am making up. The tapestry needles are for sewing up. My stitch holders I use to hold dropped stitches & also to mark sleeve placement etc. My little tin boxes I use to keep my smaller items in so they won't get lost. We can pretty much figure out what the scissors are for. Marking pen to mark cut & sew necklines. Hair clips are used to roll up my knitting after removing weights so that it doesn't hang on the floor. Chip clips are for holding the yarn when casting on etc. & lastly, my mini vac for cleaning the machine between pieces. 

Shawn Dolan at 'Knit & Sew World' is converting GC's to 2 color work for about $300. A very good price for anyone that might be interested. His link is on the left side of my blog. I feel he is one of the better machine repair men. & Reasonable too. 

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Heather x said...

lol I always improvise too....much cheaper than buying :)

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