Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pullon Diaper Covers

These are called Pullons. They are wool diaper covers, used with cloth diapers. Wool is very absorbent & will keep baby dry & warm while pulling the wetness away from sensitive little bottoms. Using cloth diapers & wool covers is part of the Green Movement to keep disposable diapers out of landfills. These are the type of diaper covers that our grandmothers used. These are my version of them. There are many others more elaborate then  mine. I make a basic, low cost diaper cover for mom's that can't afford the more expensive covers out there, & have lots of fun doing it.


Shawn Dolan of 'Knit & Sew World' was able to repair my motherboard so that I still have a spare. It was a bit spendy but well worth it I think. He said that I am using the wrong power source for it. I didn't think it mattered & was using the cord to my disc drive. 
Several years ago my son bought me a new puppy when I lost my little dog. The new puppy chewed the cord to the machine & so I was using the disc drive cord. It caused the board to burn out over time as it was being starved for electricity. The disc drive cord has less power than the 965i power cord & they are not interchangeable as I thought. I am glad that he was able to repair it as I would have been devastated without my beautiful machine. So, just to pass on some important information, you may use the PPD cord for your machine as it is the same power as the 965i, but not the disc drive cord as it less power & will damage your machine. 


Irisha said...

Glad you fixed your motherboard!
The Pull-ons look cute too!

Sheryl Evans said...

Thx for the compliments!! I was biting my nails over the motherboard, so am glad the news was good.

Tom Machine Knitting Guy said...

Awesome job on these Pullons! The colors are sweet!

Also, I advise machine knitter using electronic machines to ensure they have a surge protector in use. All electronic machines need to be protected, including Garter Carriages.

Keep up your beautiful knitting.

Sheryl Evans said...

You're absolutely right Tom. I will include that information is another post. Or you can do that on your blog. Thx