Friday, November 23, 2012

Felted Mittens

I am making some mittens for the Afghans for Afghans charity. I have an old book 'A Time to Knit Mittens' by Sandy Baas & Marty Godlowsk' that was published in 1985. I believe this in one of the books that I bought at a yard sale years ago. It has a great pattern for easy worsted mittens, as well as other yarn weights. I want to felt them & make 3-4 different sizes. I like making them with the gored thumb rather than the slot thumb because they are interchangeable then. 

 I made these in the men's size & then threw them into the washer for a complete cycle using hot water, then a cold rinse , & drying flat. I have four blue dryer balls that I bought from Walmart to use for felting smaller items, in the machine. I put them in with the mittens so they would have something to beat them up a little bit, & help them felt. I didn't want to felt them too much because I didn't want the ribbing to completely flatten out & lose it's elasticity. It did flatten out some but not so much that they won't stay on. The mittens felted down to 6" in the hand from 7.2" when I started. So, they were a men's medium & now are a child's medium. 

I have lots of felt that I thought I would try to make some cute designs with & hand stitch them to the mitten. We will see if I get up that much motivation!!

Felting in a front loader presents problems sometimes. The door locks so you can't take the item out & check without going through a whole turning off & on, spinning the selector on the washer, waiting for it to unlock, etc. So I don't bother with it. Size is not critical in mittens. There is always someone that they will fit. 

The fish died. 


Anonymous said...

Cool mittens!
Sorry about the fish. poor fish.

Tom Machine Knitting Guy said...
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Tom Machine Knitting Guy said...

Nice mittens. I agree about the front loaders although I can open mine as its an LG he so little water but, felting takes too much time so I avoid it.

Can you post the mens mitten pattern?

Sheryl Evans said...

The book that the pattern is in is called 'A Time to Knit Mittens' by Sandy Baas & Marty Godlowsk' that was published in 1985. I think this book is out of print, but there is another book by Eileen Montgomery that is called 'Socks & Mittens that Fit'. That is a great book too, & is available now. I'm not sure if I can post the pattern. It might be copywrited. I am going to post my summary of the men's pattern for you. I short row my mitten tops, so that explains the decreases. ;-)