Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More Sweaters for Little Girls

I have been working on longies for my store. but am caught up with orders so had time to work on the sweaters for my customers daughters. I just took this one out of the dryer. It is another raglan, with contrasting sleeves & a small red heart knitted with intarsia. I am hoping that the heart is in the right place. I fitted it to my neighbors daughter & it looked good. (Now she wants one!!)

I have the smaller one almost finished. I just have to knit the front & sew it up. I am very happy with the way they turned out. 

One thing did bother me though, when I took the sweater out of the dryer it looked a little wrinkled. This is Red Heart Kids yarn. I have noticed before that this yarn sometimes does come out of the dryer like that. Several times I have taken a damp towel & laid it over the sweater & let it air dry. That works, but if anyone has a better idea I am listening. 

This sweater was knitted using a pattern generated by the  'KnitWare' program. It is a child's size 8, hip length, with a grafted neckband. I always make my children's sweaters hip length so that we don't have any cold tummy's. 


Nancy said...

I feel that using the dryer to dry sweaters is not a good idea. I am probably overly cautious about the use of a clothes dryer but let me share with you what I do for all knits whether they are wool or acrylic or some blend. I NEVER put knits in the dryer. I find that even on low heat they are way too hot. I machine wash, on delicate cycle and then lay the garment flat and hand block to measurements. This has always worked for me. Yes, it takes more time and space but I have no problems with the result. Additionally, I treat the swatch in the same manner. In fact, I don't even put any of my good blouses in the dryer as I find they become limp and lifeless. Like I said though I am overly cautious.

Your work is really great and since starting to read your blog I have completed 3 sweaters!!

Sheryl Evans said...

So glad that you enjoy my blog. I have a lot of fun with it.

I think that is awesome that you have completed so many sweaters. Do you have a blog?? I would like to see pictures of them. If not, email them to me & I will post them!!

As for the dryer & sweaters, I do agree with you, that hot dryers are not good for them. I dry them at the lowest temps. Most yarn does okay, but for the Red Heart yarns it is best to dry flat. I know tho, when my customers get these sweaters they will throw them in a hot dryer no matter what I say. Thx

Nancy said...

Hi, no I don't have a blog and I know exactly what you mean about customers throwing it in the dryer. My son, when he was a bachelor did not understand "lay flat to dry" Consequently I refused to make him wool sweaters!!! Now though he has a sweet wife who understands.

I will try to take pics and email them to you. I am really lousy at it but will try. One is a "by hand" sweater I finished after it languished in a box for 3 years. The other 2 are machine knit since being inspired by your blog.