Sunday, March 3, 2013

Baby Doll Clothes for Real Babies!!

When I was selling baby clothes in my store I often made the sample to fit my baby doll that I used for my model. Most of the pictures have been deleted because I quit making them & concentrated on my wool diaper covers. They were a lot of fun to make & I did make some for friends & relatives, & also sold a few.  Here is a picture of a set. I would embroider the customers choice of baby design on the front of the pullover. 

The set was designed using the Knitware Programs. The pants are ribbed leggings, the sweater a raglan pullover & the hat was knit straight up with no decreases. I knitted eyelets in the hat to thread the knitted I-cord through & tightened it up to form a top not on the hat. With a cute baby embroidery design on the front of the sweater this was such a cute set. It was knitted from Bramwell DK I think but don't remember for sure. (I still have my baby doll, named Cindy Sue, by my little g'son) 


Mar said...

That's a really cute set!

Sheryl Evans said...

Thx Mar ;-)