Thursday, March 28, 2013

Knitting for Friendship House

My shop is sooo busy that I can't find the time to do much else. I did get to do some charity knitting. I am making a slip stitch sweater in the yarn Vellon. It is a soft fuzzy yarn made by Millor. Millor  yarns have been discontinued, but you can still get some of them from Knitcraft. Since they are closing them out they are selling inexpensively. An 8-9 oz cone is going for $4.50. I decided to make a slip stitch because I haven't made any in that style for quite a while. It is pattern
#333 in the Brother Stitch World catalog. I have finished the front & back so far.
It's kinda hard to see the pattern, but it is a zig-zag that goes horizontality across the sweater. I am making it on my Brother 965i. It will be a cut & sew neck with grafted neckband & long sleeves. It is another pullover.
I don't have much Vellon in my stash. Maybe 10-15 cones. I used it a lot for baby sweaters & buntings. I always felt that babies would enjoy the soft fuzzy feel of it. ;-)
I have heard that Mike Becker at 'Distinctive Knits' is selling a new yarn spray. I haven't been over there to try it yet, but that is good news. I use yarn spray lots with my wool covers to make machine knitting the worsted weight wool easier & to  run through the machine better, along with wax & humidifier. When Lori-Lyn spray was discontinued I hogged up(??) all the cans I could find. I was sure that someone would come out with another version of it, but was worried about how long it would take.

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Heather Bradley said...

Hi Sheryl :-)
Sounds like you are kept busy :-)
Love the colour of the sweater.

*hugs* Heather x