Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our World is Sooo Much Smaller Now!!

Our world is sooo much smaller now. With the advent of the internet we can touch so many lives that we we're unable too, just a short generation ago.
I have been selling my wool covers for 10 years now. I get orders from all around the globe. Several years ago I had an order for wool longies  to ship to Australia. The seasons there are the reverse of ours. Since then, around this time every year, I start getting orders from there. It started out with just the one order & has blossomed to 8-10 each year. The Mom's are using them as pajamas, in the bigger sizes, rather than wool covers, to keep the kids warm at night.
I don't know how many of you crochet. It is also something that I enjoy doing. I am making coasters. Just a small project while I watch TV in the evenings, but useful when I can get the family to use them. LOL I will post some pictures when I get a few made.

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Nicoleta said...

I do not crochet, I only hand and machine knit. I just discovered your blog and loving it so far.