Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Still No Orders

Still no orders so am working on shelter sweaters again. I am enjoying myself relaxing. I have knitted up the front & back of another child's sweater. This is a scrappie (BTW:I know that I am misspelling the word scrappie. When you knit diaper covers they are all shorties, longies, footies, skirties etc.) so thought I would do the front & back in the variegated yarn & the sleeves in another solid color yarn, but I am thinking instead that I will try to get the sleeves out of the same yarn as I didn't like the look of the yellow that I had picked out. I did weight the swatch & it says I have enough. I know that somewhere in my bins I have more of this yarn & am going to search the garage for it tomorrow.
I am also going to post the pattern for this sweater if someone else is interested in making one. This is a pattern generated by the Knitware Program. If you can match my gauge you can make this. It is a size 2 with a comfortable fit. I added 6 stitches to the neckband. It is hip length & a pullover. It has a doubled neckband, & drop shoulder grafted sleeves that are knit from the shoulder down. The ribbing on the sleeves are transferred from the main bed & knitted directly onto the sleeve. I know that the patterns may say to take the sleeve off the machine & knit the ribbing independently of the sleeve & then sew them on. This is definitely not the best way to do that. Just transfer them to the ribber & knit them, then bind off the stitches with the loop through loop bind off.(you can find a demonstration of the 'loop trough loop bind off' on U Tube by searching for it. Diana Sullivan has made lots of how to videos that really are excellent)  This sweater is being knitted on my SR 860 mid gauge machine. 


  If you right double click on the pattern it will show a larger size. Save it & then print it out & see if it is legible.
I am not sure how to enlarge the pattern to make it easier read. If anyone had a suggestion please email me. I have been trying to enlarge it for the past hour. LOL Will try again tomorrow. Or if you want the pattern emailed contact me.

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