Friday, May 9, 2014

Scrappie Finished

I have finished my shelter scrappie. This pattern was generated with the Knitware program, of course. I use the program to save myself from having to chart the patterns & to tell me if I have enough yarn to make the garment of my choice. It is easy to use & does a great job once you are used to the fit of the garment that you are making. I have learned a lot of machine knitting techniques over the years & generally finish the garment my own way, rather then the way that the pattern states. Sometime ago I did a post about short rowing the neck ( neckband & grafting it onto the garment rather that binding off stitches & attaching it later. It makes a much nicer band that looks far superior & Also more stretchy than the bound off band.  
I weighed my swatch & used the program to calculate how much yarn I needed to make the sweater. The program told me that I had enough but I decided that I wanted to make a hat to go with this sweater so looked through my stash for more of this yarn. I know it's out there somewhere but I could not find any. This is the amount of yarn that I had left after I finished the sweater.
 I understand the basic principle of how the program is able to do that, by calculating the number of rows & stitches in the swatch & the number of rows & stitches in the garment & dividing those numbers, one into the other. I don't think I could do it myself with any rate of success. LOL. I am grateful to the Janet's of this world that are able to do just that. 
& Here is the finished sweater!!
I am still dieting but have hit a rough spot. I have lost 42 LBS but it is going much slower than before & is getting much harder to resist the all the goodies out there, but I am still trying.

While selling some of my older knitting things on eBay for a relatively low price compared to the price of other like items I unfortunately attracted the attention of Kazekaknits that left this feedback for me;
Negative feedback rating
Buyer Beware:Item broken when arrived & doesn't work. Seller doesn't do refunds

I do not sell defective merchandise. There is nothing wrong with the carriage as I tested it before I sold it, & in fact sold 2 of them. She sent me 8 emails during the transaction demanding all sorts of ridicules things & I emailed her that I was going to cancel the bid. I knew I should cancel it but gave her the benefit of the doubt. She doesn't know how to use it & this is the result. Beware of the crazies.

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