Sunday, August 22, 2010

Help Blogs & Videos

This is a set that I sold in my store. I have sooo many cute baby clothes. I miss making all of them & am trying to get some listed as I want to make them again. I love the baby clothes for using up partial cones. I still have my baby doll model. Now that we have a new baby in the family I have been knitting for him every chance I get.

When I look at some of the other knitting blogs they have lots of 'how too' video's & directions. I would like to be able to do that too but so far I haven't had the time. My store is picking up now that winter is coming & mom's are ordering longies for their little ones. I was hoping to sell some footies too, but nothing has come thru for any yet.

I have gotten a 'new to me' Garter Carriage. It is a rebuilt KG-88. I understand that this GC does not cast on, but that should be okay. Some time ago I bought a KH-860 Brother Clone punchcard longbed machine. It has 272 needles rather than just the 200 that the regular standard gauge machine has. I bought it so I could make bigger baby blankets for my store. I can also make smaller designs in a larger size that would take too many needles on a regular size machine. I found some extra rails on eBay & am going to cut them down to fit the machine. I have it set up in my knitting room but haven't knitted a thing on it & it has been sitting there for close to a year with the dust cover over it. I haven't used a punchcard machine in ages so will have to learn that first. The stand is very sturdy but I had to get a piece of plywood so I could get the machine on it. It took some doing but is ready to knit when I get the time. I have never used a GC on a punchcard machine either so that is also new for me.

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